*taps microphone.*

“Is this thing on?”

I’ve been toying with the idea of blanking the slate of this website for some time. Last night, I definitively decided to do it, planning to go through and save some posts for posterity, as I’d re-read some things I’d written over the last few years and thought that a few were actually quite good!

This morning, as I was playing around with the new template I’ve been working with, I, uh, accidentally erased the entire site.

One click of a button. Poof! Photos, words, some ill-fated, boring posts – gone.

I panicked for a second and then thought, “This is what you wanted.”

And it is. I need to start over. Begin again, fresh, new. Set fire to everything I’d created before and just simply begin again.

And what a way to begin, right? It’s kind of like seeing your house burn to the ground (not nearly as traumatic though. And less paperwork to deal with, certainly).

It feels so good to start over. What a relief.

**For those of you wondering if I threw in the towel on my daily drawings, I have not! They will now appear above in the link “daily drawing.” Click on the gallery and you’ll see all of them, in order. Updated daily, as promised!!!**