Above is a hint, a peek, if you will, at something that flew straight out of my brain, down my arm, into my fingers and out of my sharpie marker onto paper last week.

An idea. Fully formed. I’ve always worked at balancing all of the varied interests in my life. And suddenly, I was looking at each of my interests on paper. They looked like women. But that’s only because they *are.*

My muses. My Muses. My team. My Squad.

My Irreplaceable Audacious Muses. The I.A.M. Sqaud.

Five Muses. Each with a different interest and personality, hair and dress. And all with different superhero masks. After all, what is a Muse but a superhero? And what is a superhero without a mask? (No capes, though. No. Capes.)

Today I’m pleased to introduce you the first girl who found her way into my sketchbook late one night last week. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Muse who has been by my side more than any other the last few weeks.

This is Creative Corina. Coh-RIN-ah.

Corina never goes anywhere without a paintbrush and paper, pen and paint. She lives in a world of color, never afraid to declare her artwork anyplace she sees fit: on napkins, in fresh snowfall, in the margins of newspapers.

Corina doesn’t exist without color. She doesn’t hold back her talent. She’s not afraid to be wrong.

Corina creates endlessly. She sees every single day as an opportunity to make something beautiful.

If Corina were President (and why couldn’t she be?) the White House would become the Rainbow House within the hour of her inauguration. Every one of her staff members would be banned from wearing white or black. The dollar bill would be red, the five orange, the ten yellow, the twenty green, the fifty blue, the hundred a spectrum of indigo and violet.

Corina’s left hand is a little wonky, but she’s okay with it. She was born that way; it’s like her lucky fin. Corina sees her disability as an opportunity to be different from everyone else. It certainly doesn’t keep her from being the person that she wants to be, the person she is meant to become.

Corina also wants you to know that she’s excited for you to meet the rest of the I.A.M. Squad this week. Tuesday-Friday, one per day.

Tune in tomorrow to meet the next Muse.

In the meantime: Go create something today!