Welcome to the second day of I.A.M. Squad introductions!

I am pleased today to introduce you to Verity, my nomadic Muse, and her faithful pink pup, Zola.

Verity the Vagabond does have blue hair and a beehive, thankyouverymuch. In another life? She would have fit right in as a Pan Am flight attendant (minus the blue hair, of course). Verity also desperately wishes for the show Pan Am to be renewed for a full season.

Verity feels at home almost every place she visits and lives. She has learned to accept her nomadic nature and fulfills it whenever possible. She’s a total polyglot (and is inspiring me to learn Korean).

Verity feels the most herself when she is in a new place, discovering new countries and cities and cultures. Verity never leaves the house with more than one bag. She’s all about traveling lightly.

Zola, Verity’s dog, always travels with her. Zola loves Cheez-its, cherry limeades, and Zurich, and hopes to one day visit Southeast Asia despite her rather severe shellfish allergy. Zola also wishes to dispel the stereotype that dogs make poor travel companions. Zola has over 300,000 travel miles under her collar, and not one sedative taken to date.