Day three already! Today I am incredibly excited to introduce the Muse who is on my mind so frequently these days: Mara. Mara is the Muse who inspired me to write my guide to getting rid of your crap. She also helped me quit social media last summer (a process that changed my life).

Mara is, simply put, a complete badass. I mean, look at her! Pink, bobbed hair? A megaphone that never leaves her side? She outsourced the painting of her megaphone to our rainbow maiden Corina of course.

Mara is all about maximizing. Maximizing your life by getting rid of your crap, paring down your possessions, limiting your online time, and doing only the things that make your daily life bigger and better in every way possible.

Mara loves encouraging people to follow their instincts, take control of their homes and schedules, and make their lives exactly the way they want to be.

Mara has only one question for you: if your life could look any way you wanted it to, what would that be?

Think about it. Draw it out. Write it down. Make it into a song.

And then go make it happen. That’s what Mara does.